About Tim Nicholson

Tim NicholsonIt would be a slight exaggeration to say that Tim Nicholson has been involved in racing his whole life. But he did start very young. Having built his first engine at the age of 13 and his grandfather sneaking him behind the wheel, Tim found his passion very early in life. It is that passion that has given him the drive to become one of the best in the race car business.


While leaving home and moving out to Missouri, Tim had the honor to work for and learn from some of the best in the business. Numerous cars that Tim had a hand in building broke and hold several national records.


He is proud to have been told several times, “There is clearly a difference in a Tim Nicholson Car.” That is a mission he strives for on every car he builds. Tim and his team are dedicated to design, build and manufacture state of the art drag racing parts, components, and race cars catered to the customer’s needs. Chassis are built on jigs with fixtures utilized for exact tolerances beyond the competition.


This all makes up that difference that people notice right up front. With years of working on chassis to get just the right combination, Tim has observed thousands of cars take to the drag strip and seen the effect of each minor calibration.


Holding a 6G certification in TIG welding, the highest achievable, his keen eye and patience makes up the perfect combination for the quality and performance you expect and deserve.


Tim is available to go to the track and work with your car to get the adjustments needed to provide maximum speed, traction and control. It takes years to get the experience that allows this, and Tim Nicholson Race Cars stands behind their work 100%.


His passion is racing and doing the job right the first time. If your car is not performing as it should, give Tim Nicholson Race Cars a call. You will find that when it comes to chassis work, nobody can touch Time Nicholson Race Cars.